Inside Outside

a cozy moment in a garden that echoes the living room inside. Is this too much? Holy Sissinghurst, Batman!!! There is a way of making […]

Sweat Shopping

Sure needs something! First of all, thanks to Amy, Susan, and Elizabeth for your extreme patience in letting me spend 7 or 8 months attempting […]

Urban Gardening, For Reals.

There’s a little run-down blue house a couple blocks away that has been continuously occupied for the last five years by a rotating group of […]

Most Likely To Be Pilfered

Scene of the crime: small heads growing back When my mother heads back to New Jersey after visiting me in upstate New York, she generally […]

Jefferson’s Kitchen Garden

Here’s the iconic view of Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen garden at Monticello, showing his little Grecian temple of a garden pavillion in the middle of the […]